Hull Plastic Surgeons TeamAnnette Middleton

AnnetteAnnette is a registered nurse qualified in operating department practices, who assists Mr Riaz with the majority of surgical procedures in the operating theatre, within his private practice. She is also responsible for liaising with the respective operating departments across the hospitals he works in, ensuring that the correct equipment is available for Mr Riaz and his patients. She has worked in this capacity since 2006, when Mr Riaz' practice had grown to such an extent that he felt his practice would benefit from an additional surgical presence.

Annette qualified as a registered nurse in 1980 and has had a nursing career predominantly in the operating environment. She started her surgical career working in the Operating Department at the Kingston General Hospital in Hull , where Hull 's Plastic Surgery Department was based before the service moved to Castle Hill Hospital in Cottingham, East Yorkshire . She went on to work as a Theatre Sister and subsequently the Theatre Manager at the Spire Hospital (formerly the Classic Hospital and Bupa Hospital) for a number of years, where historically a significant amount of cosmetic surgery has always been undertaken.

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